Last Updated:  24/7/2015


BIM4M2 : Support and advice for the manufacturer BIM journey

BIM4M2 provides a forum to share knowledge, and experience in order to help promote BIM adoption amongst manufacturers. We have created a set of resources called The Curve ( as in - learning curve ) aimed to support those either considering BIM or who have recently started out on their BIM journey.

Having shareable structured product information to BIM level 2 will be appropriate to most but not all product manufacturers and our recommended start point is that you complete our BIM4M2 Compass tool to help determine the likely impact of BIM on your business.

Having established the need to start your BIM journey you will rightly ask How Do I Do It? This resource guides you through the process of creating a justification for your company to invest some resource in BIM; and achieves this by helping you with the key considerations to create, implement and measure a BIM business plan for your company.

Finally, we have created an information resource for you to Learn More. We have split the links into Mandatory, Useful and Nice to Know – from a manufacturer’s perspective.

We hope you find the resources helpful, and we would appreciate your feedback so that we can improve the content with more product manufacturer input.