Last Updated:  24/7/2015

This information is designed to help you get started with BIM (Building Information Modelling).

The information is presented as a 3 stage process:

How to investigate and decide if BIM is for you

What steps are required

Assessing how well you’ve done

Before putting time and effort into applying this process it is essential that you:

Complete the M2 Compass. This provides good evidence of how BIM will affect your company including operations outside the UK,
i.e., within Europe or further afield.

Check if anyone else in your company is also looking at BIM. Duplicated effort is a waste.

Have a mandate from management/ the Board to investigate BIM on behalf of your company. BIM can have an impact right across your company.

Identify team members who will actively participate in these processes, e.g. marketing, sales, technical support, etc.

Work through the information for each stage in a systematic way as the individual topics are often linked to other sources of information.